Best Microphone App for Android and iPhone

Smartphone Mic AppsIn voice applications such as skype, a computer microphone is usually used for communication purposes. Computer In-Built microphones are also mostly used to record audio tracks. Hence, there is no way to say that the microphone is no more the first necessary component in a computer. 

Sometimes it happens that your microphone will cease functioning because of an accidental drop on a hard floor or for maybe a different reason unfamiliar to you. And most surprising thing is that it happens at the moment we need it more. For example, when you need to record an audio sample quickly for urgent work. Replacing the faulty component immediately also not an option because very few people keep an extra mic at home. Moreover, replacement can be cost-effective. What is the solution to do? You can carry a mic test after a drop to check if it is working at

Don't worry. Here we arrive with a helping-hand article to make you happy. A temporary and inexpensive, but effective solution for your problem. To execute it, you will need to install a special application on your working Android phone. It will cause your phone to function as a microphone. So you will get time to repair your existing mic (which was damaged due to dropping on the floor) without affecting productivity in your task. 

So, we bring to your awareness the Best microphone app for Android and iPhone. 


This is a great microphone app that has simple features and the best benefits to serve. You can utilize it for speech in a small gathering or class, for singing, etc.

The user can easily configure the work since the menu is quite easy. The set of functions involves only the necessary, which reduces the occurrence of problems during a performance.

Microphone by Gaz Davidson

Search the Microphone utility in the Google Play store and install it on your Android device.

Connect your smartphone to the computer with a symmetrical audio cable of the “Male-Male” model with 4-pin 3.5mm connectors. One end needs to connect to the communicator (to the headphone output). Attach the second end to the microphone computer input, the one with a pink rim.

Now your smartphone is ready to transfer sound from the microphone of the communicator to the computer. It is the simplest and easiest way to turn the Android phone into a microphone for a computer to use.

Microphone by Wonder Grace

Android AppTurn your communicator into a complete real microphone for your computer. If you have a smartphone base on Android OS, in your situation, you need to download a special utility from the Google Play store called the Microphone from the creator Wonder Grace.

Try this option, maybe you do not even have to purchase a microphone, because the sound quality delivered by this alternative is quite suitable for use, especially if this sound is then properly processed. You can modify the results, volume, equalizer. You will need to invest a little time in practice to get good sound results.

WO Mic

If you familiarize your Android with the Wo Mic tool and its functional system, you can recognize that only the most essential for the working of the microphone is included. However, the possibilities are pretty extensive even with such a simple menu. Users can:

  • update when latest versions are published;
  • handle work without much training, since all options are at hand;
  • can use the "help and support" service if you have a specific query.
  • use the phone as a wireless device to play voice;
  • connect multiple compact devices at a time;
  • configure the connection through USB cable;
  • modify the sound volume.

When the microphone on the computer fails, and it’s impossible to buy a new one, the Wo Mic will be an excellent choice. The advantage of its benefits is that it is free on hand to download and install. Installing procedure takes just a few minutes. 

Mic To Speaker

A little utility, in which there are only 2 components – using the slider to alter the volume, and the on/off button to activate and deactivate the mic. The saved record can be heard and shared with colleagues by email. The tool is suitable to use for karaoke or network communication.

Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker

Mic app Mic-to-loudspeakerWhy use a smartphone as a microphone, the bulk of users is not very clear. It’s simply acquired a discrete mic for a PC. But those who socialize via computer with the help of special software and are passionate about enlarging the functionality of their mobile might do a mic established on a standard phone. In this case, the device turns into a kind of a laptop, a web camera with a fixed mic.For this, you should fill the Microphone Mic-to-Loudspeaker utility. To use it, you need to use a stereo cable.

The tool has different sound modes, such as Theater, Sports, etc. So if you need to be understood, download this application to your phone.

Microphone – Hearing Aid

Maybe this is the simplest way to make a microphone or loudspeaker out of your phone. With this application, you can also test your built-in microphone or speakers for distortion and noise. Comfortable sound modification with the help of an equalizer will help to achieve good results.

Bluetooth Loudspeaker

With this smart tool, you can turn your Android device into the mic and the Bluetooth speaker into a remote loudspeaker.

It can be utilized for singing, to make your voice louder, on sales promotions, and outdoor activities. You will always carry a wireless microphone with you!

Microphone Pro S

The utility is meant for entertainment purposes, for example, singing, or for performing in a group. Simply connect the phone to an external speaker and start speaking. You will listen to your voice, which will already sound much louder. This is similar to if you were talking in a branded microphone.

If you want your iPhone to function as a live-in microphone, then installing these applications is a great choice for you. Here is a list of the best live mic app for iPhone.

Microphone app for iPhone

Mic App for iPhone

Megaphone: Voice Amplifier

Megaphone is a must-have application for your iPhone or iPad.

Megaphone instantly converts your iPhone or iPad into a microphone. You simply need to connect it to external speakers. Deliver crystal-clear sound and effortless setup option. You can make yourself understood within minutes.

Simply attach your iPhone or iPad to external speakers through the headphone jack or lightning port. Then start Megaphone on your iPhone device, start talking and you’ll listen to your voice amplified through the speakers, clear and loud.

If you’re making use of wireless speakers, updating to Megaphone Pro may be working great. Then pair your iPhone with your speakers over Bluetooth. Once your device is connected, you can stream your voice to the speakers and speak your part.

With Megaphone Pro, you can stream your voice to another iOS device or an Apple TV over Wi-Fi, then attach the second device to an external source speaker for a wireless experience. Simply install the new version of Megaphone on the second device and guarantee both devices are on the same Wi-Fi interface.

Key features:

  • Connect to Bluetooth speakers*
  • Crystal-clear sound quality
  • Stream your voice to an Apple TV*
  • Run Megaphone in the background*
  • Connect to speakers via AirPlay*
  • Connect to wired speakers
  • Stream your voice to another iOS gadget over Wi-Fi*
  • Dark Mode*
  • Ad-free usage*

About New Version

Released Nov 23, 2020.  Version 5.3

Bug fixes and enhancements to premium buying workflow

Microphone Live

Make your iPhone as a live microphone! First, plug your iOS device into a stereo system and then, start running up the VonBruno Mic application. Get everyone's awareness, make announcements, experience wireless with Bluetooth, and Airplay streaming.

Features you’ll like:


  • Swipe up or down to change the volume
  • Easy on-off switch
  • AirPlay and Bluetooth  streaming
  • Backgrounding and lock screen feature
  • Feedback compression technology

About New Version

Released on Feb 8, 2019.  Version 1.5

-Add Multi App Audio Mixing

- Added  Volume Panning 

- Add Instructions Page

Air Microphone

Air microphoneAir Microphone app is a wondrous application that you can use to attach your iPhone or Android phone with a TV, and it will turn your phone into a nice quality microphone. You can efficiently use it as it does not require any complicated function or much training/experience.You need to open the menu, and with AirPlay assistance you can find any device in zero time. It works in a pro way which means your output voice will be cleaned and you can fix the volume density for your audio.

Microphone – Hearing Aid

This is another tool that is very popular to convert your iPhone into an awesome microphone. You can instantly switch between different input/output modes to use it on Bluetooth external media or AUX.
You can easily share your recorded files on your Skype. You can create a table and save a particular person's name in contact to record his call every time. Thus grab the opportunity to use this multi-featured and multi-benefit application.

This was a helpful article for users who just need to record voice for the mean purpose. Those who are st no need for using mics. Such people need mics just to perform or complete a little task. Using those applications mentioned above in the article will help such people, as they can turn their smartphone into a professional microphone with no need to buy a new microphone. Those tools are available for free with +100000 downloads and 4.5+ ratings.

This will also save your money in the pocket and get the work done with zero money. Along with money, this application will save your effort as they require less or no effort to achieve great results. Simple and quick to use applications. Don't miss the opportunity to turn your smartphone into a next-level smartphone with a microphone inbuilt in it.